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Reorganized by former Changle County Cotton-Flax Co., Ltd, Weifang Yinlong Weaving Co., Ltd is a national medium-size joint-stock enterprise. 
  Business Scope:
  We produce and sell cotton yarn, twist yarn, weaving cloth, and knitting dress; mainly deal in businesses of cotton purchase, edible oil processing, manufacture of windows, doors, plastic-steel window equipments.
  In possession of foreign trade right, our company gained ISO9000 Registration of International Quality System in October 2003.
  With an area of 160 mu and 92 million Yuan fixed assets, our company owns over 1300 employees(158 technicians with university diploma or above, 26 talents with intermediate professional title).
  Production Capacity:
  Now, our company owns 45, 000 advanced spindles in the 1990s, among them, there are 20,000 current most advanced spindles that are specially used for over 40 fine-comb cotton yarn, the configuration is: clear comb→fine comb→FA706 Drawing Frame→TJFA458A roving frame→FA506 spinning frame→automatic cone winder. Also, we own 5 sets SA1603 automatic airflow weaving machines; 16 sets high-speed knitting machines made in Korea whose configuration is: plumule machine, single or double-face jacquard, 38-inch terry jacquard, and 15~18 inch rib knitting machine; and homemade Shanggong series, Tiangong series and Japanese Feima series, such as Flat pair, three-thread whipstitch, knot, tucker, press fastener, keyhole, ironing etc 86 sets clothing equipments.
  Main Products:
  Three major series----pure cotton, pure polyester, polyester cotton with high, middle and low grade, 6, 8, 12, 16, 21, 28, 32, 40, 45, 60 etc over twenty kinds yarns; cotton byproducts such as cotton lint, cotton oil, winceyette etc. We produce and process sweat cloth, single or double-face plumule, jacquard plumule, rib cotton, winceyette cloth etc, and deal in export operation of knitting dresses and cloth processing.
    Provincial " Contract Important, Credit Uppermost" Enterprise;
    "AAA Credit Enterprise" awarded by provincial Agriculture Bank and Agriculture Development Bank ;
    Provincial Advanced Enterprise;
    Provincial "Social Public Security Management" Advanced Unit;
    City Civilized Unit;
    One of County Ten Major Enterprises;
    County Safe Production Demonstration Enterprise;
    County Ratepaying Advanced Unit;
    In 2001, our company won the 61st place in enterprise benefit evaluation of National Supply and Sales System.
  Carrying forward the spirit of " Uniting to Make Progress, Developing Practically" and energetically implementing the stratagem of " established with technology, thriving with quality, strengthened by talents", we have made great progress in enterprise benefit and management. In 2003----we achieved 126 million Yuan industrial production value and 12.8 million Yuan profit tax, turned in over 6 million Yuan tax.
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